Pastor’s Testimony

Through an amazing and anointed ministry spanning over several years, Pastor, Evangelist, Teacher and Minister, Sajith Joseph, popularly known as Pastor Sajith Kannur has touched the lives of many to help them experience the victorious life in Jesus Christ. Sajith was born as the second son of Joseph Kottarathil and Rosamma Joseph on May 16th, 1983. His childhood and primary education was completed in a village called Ottathai in Kerala. Eventhough his parents were from a Roman Catholic background, he grew up in a spiritual atmosphere.

At the age of 16, Sajith accepted Jesus as his personal Saviour and Lord. He surrendered his life to Jesus before one question – “Jesus died for ‘you’ when HE was young; can you live for ‘HIM’ when you are young”? And he has answered this question through his life. At the age of 18, he got an inspiration to preach the Bible and accordingly, he started his full time ministry by preaching in a ground where there was literally no one to listen to. He preached hours and hours to the empty ground and rubber trees. However, God saw his heart’s desire to work for the kingdom of God and honoured him. He started preaching in small groups in Kerala at the age of 19. As the word promises that if we work for Him, HE will build us up, immediately enough, Sajith’s God given desire and talents were appreciated by many and God started building his ministry. Many called him to share the Gospel and wanted to hear God’s purpose in their lives. At the age of 20, he became a distinguished preacher in the spiritual realm.

Paster Testimony
After completing his Bachelors’ degree in Theology, God moved him to Central Kerala to a place called Changanacherry. Here he was under the spiritual mentoring of Reverend Thomas Philip. In few years, during this time of his ministry, he got a vision concerning HIS mission. There was a new direction from God asking Sajith to “Turn to Christ & Preach Christ” only. God said Christ is the savior and everyone needs to hear about His saving grace because Jesus is the way and the only way to salvation. This was a turning point in the ministry life of Sajith.

He started his first church congregation, Charismatic Center, in a small township called, Vakathanam in Kottayam District. God added many to his vision to complete HIS mission. In addition to church ministry, God also started sending him
around the globe to fulfill His great commission. In December 2006, he got married to Reshma Jose and has been blessed with a beautiful daughter, Angela Sajith. In 2011, he moved to Tiruvalla, Kerala and together as a family serves the
kingdom of God. This is the same year, Grace Community, was planted. Grace Community meets
every Sunday evening at Changanacherry which serves as base location for GC.

Sajith Joseph is a well honoured Evangelist, Minister& Pastor in all of the Christian community in India and abroad. Apart from church ministry, God has been using him to minister to large congregations across the globe. He has a very specific vision in his ministry and God has been using this ministry to be a witness to thousands of people in India,
other parts of Asia, Middle East, North America, Australia and the likes.

Note from Pastor:

Dear friend,

Thank you for taking time to read through my testimony of how God touched my life. If anything, this is the only thing I can be joyful of – to be winning souls for Him. It simply is impossible for me to keep all the joy and love to myself. It must overflow to every possible person out there.

The greatest moment in my life was when God revealed to me the depth of His unmerited and abundant grace by the work of His death on the cross. His death is the beginning of my victorious life here on earth. Oh! This is an astounding truth, dear friend, which I cannot keep to myself.

I invite you today to travel with me in this journey with Christ – for your sake and for the sake of all others who are yet to know this life saving truth of freedom.

By His grace alone,

Your brother,